Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Well, I am almost 6 days overdue and quite ready for this baby to come into the world. AS of right now, there is no indication that it will be coming soon. I am goign to the Dr on Friday and hopefully something will be done because i am now hurting. I am done....I have not complained at all throughout this pregnancy or through Nathanials but as of now I am done...I want this baby out!!!!!

I was sure that I would be early as everyone said you usually are with your second. Well not me. I am hoping by the end of this weekend I will have a new baby to hold. If not I will be sreaming from frustration.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Getting close

Only a few more days until my due date. Who knows if I will be on time. Some say with a second your early...I don't feel it. There is a lot of movement going on and pains but nothing that feels like labour is going to happen anytime soon.
I have cleaned the house, washed all the babies clothes, got the car seat, swing and breast pump ready. Bags are packed, mine, Nathanials and Baby G and I still think I am forgetting something.
I am due in 5 days. I can't believe that its coming up so fast. I believe that I will deliver later..just because I was late with Nathanial...only by a couple of days. As long as the baby is healthy and has all their fingers and toes then I will be happy whenever it comes.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Been a while

Well its been a while and who knows who really reads my blog anyways, but I thought I would update it now. This summer has been a busy one, working, keeping Nathanial busy and getting ready for number 2. With one week left I am feeling great and have set up the room, updated totsite, and packed the bags. I haven't had that burst of energy where you start cleaning everything, bur have had organizational spurts.
Nathanial is signed for 2 classes on the weekends with daddy and will be starting daycare 2 days a week come December or Jan. We have also started the process of looking for a nanny as I am planning to go back to work after the March break and it will be easier to have someone here with the kids and helping around the house than running to do everything myself. I have tossed the idea of a nanny and have said many times I don't want one but when you have two kids and have to look at daycare and such, its so much cheaper and easier to have one. Since my hours at work are not long, I thinkg that things may work out and Jeff and I may even have a date night once and a while.
Anyways I am going to rest and will hopefully find time to write again.