Monday, January 7, 2008

My kids

These two little ones are my pride and joy. They are really happy children and love being with one another.

I love being a mommy and can't wait for more...but will wait a little bit and enjoy these two.

The Trouble with Britney

With all the hoopla around Britney I thought I would write a little something.

First, I believe that Britney has a love hate relationship with the media, she loves them being around and she loves being in the limelight, she has worked them to her advantage and due to that she is one of the most photographed women in the world. She has played the media into the palm of her hand. Do I think its selfish, yes, I think she doesn't give a care in the world about anyone but herself. You see this with how she is acting regarding the custody battle with K-fed...who would have thought he would be the better parent. Britney needs to shape up and she needs professional help and she needs to be a mother to her children. Those kids are the ones that are suffering the most. They are in a tug of war and being brought up by nannies and body gaurds. My heart goes out to them.

I believe that if we stopped caring about what Britney is doing, who she is doing, is she or is she not wearing underware then maybe the buzz surrounding her may go down and then she may be able to get on with her life in private.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year

The start to the new year was one where both my children were up and cuddling with us. It was great. We spent New Years on lake Masoka with friends who have a cottage..and what a cottage.

I have a few New Years resolutions..many of which I never keep but would like to try.
1. I would like to lose some weight, I have lost most of my baby weight, but 2 pregnancies in less then 2 years I have some flab to go.
2. Learn how to enhance my blog, I see my friends CK and Christine with many cool outlets and would love to try and learn more to make it fun. As well as getting new blog friends.
3. To go back to school in September.. there is a program at Ryerson that is just a little over a year to complete it will give me a degree that will enhance my pay scale at the board by a lot.
4. To keep spending lots of time with my kids
5. Not to get pregnant this year, I know this sounds funny but, We want 2 more and at the moment I would like to take a break and enjoy and try again next year.
6. To do some work to the house. I would like to put up pictures, clear out clutter.
7. To start my buisness by then end of Jan

I guess thats good for now. we will see what realy gets done.