Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just a ramble

I am running a girls group at school and it is going well. As previous posts, one girl has connected with me and spoken about her personal issues in relationships, I thought back to me when I was that age and wondering if we were all that dramatic when it came to us and talking about boys. I remember I was. I was crazy for one guy and thought that the sun shone out of his ass...boy was I crazy back then...still am:) I told her that it doesn't get any easier with relationships because as you get older it can become more intense, like my previouse relationship, finally a few years after pain and rejection and going through it again over facebook. I realized that I was just a person who was a rebound and someone that was used to get way and start new, I was cheated on and in the end treated really badly especially in the situation that occured near the end. She thought that once you get married, relationships would be easier, I laughed and said it is actually harder, especially when kids are in the picture. Speaking with her, and looking back I would have done a lot of things different in relationships in love and friendship as well as developing a bit more of a back bone. It's werid how all of a sudden one conversation brings back floods of memories and regrets.

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