Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feeling of rejection

As per previous post, I met with this young girl again as I am now counseling her once a week. We spoke about the feeling of rejection. She spoke about how she liked the new boy in the school and he didn't like her. After she left I started thinking to my high school days and the guys that I liked and those who didn't reciprocate the feelings. I then thought about the relationships that hurt me the most and ones that still are tender today. Even though I am married to a great man, sometimes the hurt just does not go away. Thanks to facebook some of those hurts were able to be fixed as I have been in touch with some of those people and they apologised...even after all these years they knew they were jerks. But, facebook has not been all the positive, I was in touch with this one person, who was in touch with me for a couple of years and then all of a sudden there was no contact, no explanation why, even told others not to keep in touch with me. I never did anything, never said anything yet, I was treated like crap. What bothers me the most is that there was no explanation and the more I wanted one the more upset I got. I know its silly but when someone cuts you off without a reason, one day they are asking for advice about something, telling you about the birth of their first born, thanking you for changing their lives and then the next day they cut you off, it just does not make sense to me and that hurts more than the hurt that the person cause some years before. I know why it bothers me and that is because I don't know why. Its like they did it on purpose, its like I got rejected all over again.


zozosmamma said...

yeah, facebook is like highscool again sometimes!

thuinking about old lost relationships always makes me sad, somethings you just never get quite over!

C said...

Ditto to everything that zozosmamma said.

Karen MEG said...

Facebook IS highschool all over again... literally.

It's a bit of a funny thing... but on another note, it is a neat way to make and keep in touch with new friends as well. But rejection is never fun, whether in high school or as an "adult"; and I use that term loosely for this person, telling others not to keep in touch either? What's up with that?

C said...

Hey, D! Just checking in. How are things going your way?