Thursday, March 27, 2008


This past month has been a roller coaster. My emotions have been in upheval. I had to get ready to go back to work, got my nanny, left my kids for the first time and have to deal with a classroom of unruly kids in a classroom with no boundaries. I hated the teacher I worked with last few years but starting work and being here for 2 weeks I have an appreciation for the way he had control of the class. He lacked the respect of the kids but the kids were quiet and did their work. Here the kids do there work but they are passing their time. I thought I had paitence, but for this group its really hard. They are annoying and try to outdo one another and spend their time taking about girls and gangs. They don't want to learn and want to disrupt everyone else around them. I can't come into the class with 3 months left and try and change it because they will rebel worse then they are now. I like the teacher we have in the class but he has let the students run the class for too long and now its hard to gain control. I have never wanted June to come so fast as I do now.

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C said...

Oh, Danielle! Sorry to hear you're not having a great time with your those students :( It's hard to come into a classroom with only three months left of the school year. They've probably developed a lot of habits in the classroom that cannot be changed so least not in three months.

Glad to see your latest post :) I've been popping by to check in on ya.

Can't wait to see you and your family this summer! XOXO