Wednesday, February 6, 2008

a month later

Well the last time I wrote was a month ago, A lot has occured in that time, I have decided to go back to school and have sent in my application. I have gotten most of the samples done for my "business" and have the nannys room almost done.

My kids have come a long way in the past month too. Nathanial has started to talk a lot more and has indicated that he would like to go on the potty. So, we are soon going to try toilet training. Nathanial doesn't like to be dirty and his new thing is saying mama poo poo when he has gone to the washroom. He has also masterd eating with a fork and spoon, we just have to master no throwing.

Samantha has started to roll over and has started to play in her exersaucer which she enjoys. She has gone to two mommy movies we have seen 27 dresses and Mad Money and hoping to see Juno tomorrow.


C said...

Hi! Great to see you posting again :) I know things have been super busy! The kiddies are ADORABLE and growing so quickly!!!

Yay for Nathanial and eating with a fork and spoon! Oh, and starting potty training soon too!

Yay for Samantha on rolling over! Can't wait to see photos or videos!

TTYS! xoxo

C. K. said...

Hey Danielle - it's nice to document your children little steps, isn't it? I heard they grow up really fast... that's what I heard anyway.

Can't wait to hear more about your little ones!

Dina said...

wow you really do have a lot going on!!! Good for you!!
Can't wait for the next update!!