Sunday, March 20, 2011


I don't have a huge blog following as I don't do this much, but I know that sometimes people take a peek and so I thought I would try this attempt for help to win a new Kitchen.

My husband has been entering contests for a couple of years now and I has done pretty well. I usually don't get much benifit of his winnings but now he is a contest that I could. A new kitchen. I could use all the help from all bloggers out there who could spend 5 minutes to register and then vote, favorite and comment on the 16 photos he has. By looking at the photos you can see why we would need the new kitchen.

If you do register please ensure that you disable your email notifications or you will be getting all the emails from others who have commentd on any of the photos.

The link is

the contest goes until April but we could use all the help we can get. thanks

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just a ramble

I am running a girls group at school and it is going well. As previous posts, one girl has connected with me and spoken about her personal issues in relationships, I thought back to me when I was that age and wondering if we were all that dramatic when it came to us and talking about boys. I remember I was. I was crazy for one guy and thought that the sun shone out of his ass...boy was I crazy back then...still am:) I told her that it doesn't get any easier with relationships because as you get older it can become more intense, like my previouse relationship, finally a few years after pain and rejection and going through it again over facebook. I realized that I was just a person who was a rebound and someone that was used to get way and start new, I was cheated on and in the end treated really badly especially in the situation that occured near the end. She thought that once you get married, relationships would be easier, I laughed and said it is actually harder, especially when kids are in the picture. Speaking with her, and looking back I would have done a lot of things different in relationships in love and friendship as well as developing a bit more of a back bone. It's werid how all of a sudden one conversation brings back floods of memories and regrets.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feeling of rejection

As per previous post, I met with this young girl again as I am now counseling her once a week. We spoke about the feeling of rejection. She spoke about how she liked the new boy in the school and he didn't like her. After she left I started thinking to my high school days and the guys that I liked and those who didn't reciprocate the feelings. I then thought about the relationships that hurt me the most and ones that still are tender today. Even though I am married to a great man, sometimes the hurt just does not go away. Thanks to facebook some of those hurts were able to be fixed as I have been in touch with some of those people and they apologised...even after all these years they knew they were jerks. But, facebook has not been all the positive, I was in touch with this one person, who was in touch with me for a couple of years and then all of a sudden there was no contact, no explanation why, even told others not to keep in touch with me. I never did anything, never said anything yet, I was treated like crap. What bothers me the most is that there was no explanation and the more I wanted one the more upset I got. I know its silly but when someone cuts you off without a reason, one day they are asking for advice about something, telling you about the birth of their first born, thanking you for changing their lives and then the next day they cut you off, it just does not make sense to me and that hurts more than the hurt that the person cause some years before. I know why it bothers me and that is because I don't know why. Its like they did it on purpose, its like I got rejected all over again.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A big mish mash.. may not make sense

Wow, it has been a while since I wrote on here, I don't really write much as I don't think many people read it, then again maybe I should write stuff to just get it out. Many times I look at friends blogs and wish I could be like them writing in them all the time and reaching out to the bloggers of the world. Then I think, I don't know how. Anyways, lately I have been thinking a lot about the past, this is due to young girl I work with who is going through the adolecent years and she has gone through a lot in the past few months, her best friend left the school and her boyfriend dumped her. Wow, I remember those teenage love days. They were the worst, you thought your life would be over and could never move on...and sure enough you did. I have been thinking a lot about a couple of past relationships and it makes me think of all kinds of different relationships I had in the past with friends and romantic ones.

There is one relationship that I still can't get over, there was never any closure, there is a lot of anger and resentment on my side and a lot of unanswered questions and when I asked some of these questions all of a sudden contact stopped. When there is a lot of hurt there its hard to let go I guess.

I think of friendships that ended but somehow always seemed to repair themselves, either through one of us letting go of out stubbornuss, through mutual friends and even through facebook.

Everyone you meet has a reason that there their, Good and for the bad. I told this to this young girl who listened to me as I blabbed all the stuff your suppossed to say and some of my own stories at the end she said she felt better and was happy knowing it happens to everyone. As she walked away, I thought to myself wait till your older and your relationships get more instense and those end....

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The moment of Turth

Have you seen this show?
I watched it last night and can't believe that this show is number one. I can see how people want to watch it because it can ruin people's lives.

Prior to the show, a contestant is hooked up to a polygraph and asked more than 50 questions; there is no polygraph testing conducted during the actual show. Without knowing the results of the polygraph, he or she is asked 21 of those same questions again on the program, each becoming progressively more personal in nature. If the contestant answers honestly as confirmed by the polygraph, he or she moves on to the next question; however, should a contestant lie in his or her answer (as determined by the polygraph) or simply refuse to answer a question after it has been asked, the game ends and the contestant loses all of the prize money accumulated. For each tier of questions answered correctly, the contestant wins the corresponding amount of money. A contestant may stop at any time before any question is asked and collect the money he or she has won. Although a person may stop after any question, once they hear the question, they must answer it. Honestly answering all 21 questions wins the jackpot of $500,000.

The questions vary, increasing in difficulty and degree of personal nature of the questions. To date, not one contestant has reached the 6th tier. Sometimes, a "surprise guest" - such as an ex-partner or a good friend - will come on the stage and ask a particularly difficult question. Friends, colleagues, and family of the contestant who are gathered near the player have access to a button which can be used to switch out a question once per game, an option which is introduced to them after the third question.

Yesterday while I watched I could not believe some of these answers but also thought about them and thought how I would answer them. This woman was asked several questions some of which were:

On your wedding day were you still in love with an ex boyfriend. Would you move back home to look after your sick father? Have you had sexual feeings for your husbands friends? They had her ex come up and ask if she regreted breaking up wit him? then she was asked if her husband was a better lover than her ex...I know that money means a lot to people but...would you subject yourself to doing it on national television?

While thinking about this show I was thinking about how I would answer some of these questions and I think some would be hard because there is a fine line...I still think of a couple of my exes and still love them very much, in a much different way now then I did back then. I don't think that you can ever forget about someone who you were intimate with on many levels. The relationships in the past build you for the relationship you have in the present. I think that this program asks these questions and it is difficult to answer them because if asked if I love my ex boyfriend I would say yes because a part of me always will but not as intimatly as I did then. If I answered no then it would come out a lie. I think that the people who go on this show need to be strong and trust in their relationship and be able to sit down after and debrief about it with the help of someone else because these questions are ones that could and have broken relationships.

The American public love watching people fail and learning about their intimate secrets we see this in the media and how the paparazzi hound celebrities. We want to know more and more about people and unfortunatley with technology there are many more ways to find out.

SO my question for you is would you want to go on this show for money?

Thursday, March 27, 2008


This past month has been a roller coaster. My emotions have been in upheval. I had to get ready to go back to work, got my nanny, left my kids for the first time and have to deal with a classroom of unruly kids in a classroom with no boundaries. I hated the teacher I worked with last few years but starting work and being here for 2 weeks I have an appreciation for the way he had control of the class. He lacked the respect of the kids but the kids were quiet and did their work. Here the kids do there work but they are passing their time. I thought I had paitence, but for this group its really hard. They are annoying and try to outdo one another and spend their time taking about girls and gangs. They don't want to learn and want to disrupt everyone else around them. I can't come into the class with 3 months left and try and change it because they will rebel worse then they are now. I like the teacher we have in the class but he has let the students run the class for too long and now its hard to gain control. I have never wanted June to come so fast as I do now.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

a month later

Well the last time I wrote was a month ago, A lot has occured in that time, I have decided to go back to school and have sent in my application. I have gotten most of the samples done for my "business" and have the nannys room almost done.

My kids have come a long way in the past month too. Nathanial has started to talk a lot more and has indicated that he would like to go on the potty. So, we are soon going to try toilet training. Nathanial doesn't like to be dirty and his new thing is saying mama poo poo when he has gone to the washroom. He has also masterd eating with a fork and spoon, we just have to master no throwing.

Samantha has started to roll over and has started to play in her exersaucer which she enjoys. She has gone to two mommy movies we have seen 27 dresses and Mad Money and hoping to see Juno tomorrow.